Brutex XServices Documentation

Brian Rosenberger

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In complex IT environments it is often necessary to integrate different information systems with each other, exchange data between software tools and automate actions based on events arising from user interaction. Web Services is a popular way to make remote functions available to a broad range of clients. A WebService is independent from platforms and programming languages. XML Messages are exchanged through common protocols like TCP/IP or SMTP, processed and returned (request/ response paradigm).

Because of their nature, WebServices are a great technology to overcome system boundaries and to "orchestrate" your IT environment. They make up the basis for SOA and are the pieces that assemble automated business processes.

XServices is a collection of pre-build WebServices with the intention to avoid duplicate work and "re-inventing the wheel". The historical base for XServices is the 'XBridgeNG' software, which provided a set of Apache Ant Tasks with quite the same intention. The available WebService operations are most likely the "most wanted" ones, some of them for sure are "must have". This collection may overlap with other libraries. In summary the current version contains 8 WebServices with over 50 operations.

Table of Contents

1. Getting started
1.1. Installation
2. Available Services
1. ArchiveServices
2. DateServices
2.1. getDate
2.2. getDateExtended
2.3. formatDate
2.4. getInTimezone
2.5. getTimestamp
2.6. getTimestamp2
2.7. getTimezones
3. ExecuteServices
3.1. rExec
3.2. runCommand
3.3. runCommandWithSSH
3.4. telnet
4. FileServices
4.1. downloadFile
4.2. encodeFile
5. JobServices
6. MailServices
6.1. sendMailSimple
7. MiscServices
7.1. generateUUID
7.2. getHostinfo
7.3. sleep
8. StorageServices
8.1. ...
9. StringServices
9.1. replaceRegEx
10. XmlServices
10.1. insertNodes
10.2. insertNodes2
10.3. replaceNodes
10.4. replaceNodes2
10.5. selectXPath
10.6. setAttribute
10.7. wrapInCDATA
3. XML Types
1.1. AntProperty type
1.2. DateInfoType type
1.3. FileResource type
1.4. HostConnection type
1.5. PatternElement type
1.6. PatternSetType type
1.7. ReturnCode type
1.8. SelectorType type

List of Tables

2.1. rExec input parameters
2.2. runCommand input parameters
2.3. runCommandWithSSH input parameters
2.4. telnet input parameters
2.5. Input parameters