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196 449 d 6 h brianR /SVN-ALFEventEmitter/trunk/ Updated dependencies of underlying libraries, use Option.Builder for commons-cli instead of deprecated OptionBuilder, fix an issue with Content-Type not being specified when sending events via http/s  
172 2558 d 6 h brianR /SVN-ALFEventEmitter/trunk/src/ Updated date  
171 2558 d 6 h brianR /SVN-ALFEventEmitter/branches/Maint 0.1 JRE6/ Maintenance branch, final version with JRE 1.6 support  
170 2558 d 10 h brianR /SVN-ALFEventEmitter/trunk/ Added password encryption to configuration file.  
169 2558 d 13 h brianR /SVN-ALFEventEmitter/trunk/ Updated build to Java 7, the hook does perform faster on Oracle Hotspot 1.7  
168 2561 d 15 h brianR /SVN-ALFEventEmitter/trunk/src/ Removed SBM admin services, they are not used.  
167 2561 d 15 h brianR /SVN-ALFEventEmitter/trunk/ Added feature to update the svn commit message with ticket details.
Updated to Apache CXF 2.7.0
154 2876 d 10 h brianR /SVN-ALFEventEmitter/trunk/ Added missing dependency cxf-rt-transport-http to ivy control. This avoids error message ": Could not find conduit initiator for address: http://whatever_address/gsoap/gsoap_ssl.dll?sbmappservices72 and transport:";  
153 2877 d 4 h brianR /SVN-ALFEventEmitter/trunk/src/net/brutex/emitter/ Fixed typo, wrong option name was used to read the encoding property  
152 2885 d 4 h brianR /SVN-ALFEventEmitter/trunk/src/ Fix an encoding issue while reading svnlook process stdout/ stderr. It seems like POSIX encoding was used, unless LANG environment variable is explicitly set in process builder environment map  
151 2886 d 6 h brianR /SVN-ALFEventEmitter/tags/SVN-ALFEventEmitter-0.1RC1/ V0.1 RC1  
150 2886 d 6 h brianR /SVN-ALFEventEmitter/trunk/ First RC for Version 0.1  
149 2891 d 9 h brianR /SVN-ALFEventEmitter/trunk/ Share project "SVN-ALFEventEmitter" into "";  
148 2891 d 9 h brianR /SVN-ALFEventEmitter/ Share project "SVN-ALFEventEmitter" into "";