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91 2423d 03h brianR /sbm4mylyn/branches/V2009R2-maintenance/ Maintenance branch includes old ttwebservices API.  
90 2423d 03h brianR /sbm4mylyn/trunk/ Added installation guide  
52 2841d 16h brianR /sbm4mylyn/trunk/ Added some experimental code to support SBM Reports as repository queries  
51 2841d 16h brianR /sbm4mylyn/trunk/META-INF/  
42 3116d 06h brianR /sbm4mylyn/trunk/src/net/brutex/mylyn/sbmconnector/core/ Load SBM items one by one to improve progress bar and user cancel  
39 3120d 18h brianR /sbm4mylyn/trunk/src/net/brutex/mylyn/sbmconnector/ Multiple enhancements.  
34 3140d 06h brianR /sbm4mylyn/trunk/ Auto-detect valid values for Single-Selection fields (poor manĀ“s detection)  
33 3150d 01h brianR /sbm4mylyn/trunk/src/net/brutex/mylyn/sbmconnector/core/ Map SBM CLOSEDATE to Mylyn Task DATE_DUE  
32 3150d 05h brianR /sbm4mylyn/trunk/src/net/brutex/mylyn/sbmconnector/ Javadoc enhancements  
31 3153d 22h brianR /sbm4mylyn/trunk/src/net/brutex/mylyn/sbmconnector/core/ Support custom SBM fields. Field type detection is problematic because aewebservice does not provide detailed information about fields.  
30 3155d 03h brianR /sbm4mylyn/trunk/ SBM2009 connector for Mylyn demo code  
29 3155d 03h brianR /sbm4mylyn/tags/  
28 3155d 03h brianR /sbm4mylyn/branches/  
27 3155d 03h brianR /sbm4mylyn/trunk/  
26 3155d 03h brianR /sbm4mylyn/